Luxtek is a brand of lamps known for its quality, innovation, reliability and durability, devised and presented to the public more than three decades ago. It included some of the first compact fluorescent lamps in the Portuguese market, having received a number of awards. The range of Luxtek  products has been expanded to include LED technology.

Intensive research has gone into the Fillday | Luxtek brand, enabling us to offer technologically advanced products with successive enhancements in terms of cost-effeciveness, energy efficiency and benefits for the environment.

As a respnse to the market’s increasingly demanding requirements, the Lumitek brand was launched in 1991. It included a wide range of luminaires and lighting solutions capable of adding innovation, quality and good design to multiple environments.

It was conceived as a brand guided by rigour, scrupulously selected high-quality materials and harmonious contemporaneity.

Fillday | Lumitek was designed as a solution to lighting issues, with a team of experts who advise, monitor projects and work in close technical collaboration with users.

Based on the important concept of complementarity, this specific area of the Fillday | Tech brand was designed to work in collaboration with the other areas of the electrical power project. It includes precise technical resources for emergency shutdown and the protection of people and goods, as well connecting equipment and other functionalities of all electrical circuits.

Fillday | Tech was devised and is produced to offer technologically advanced professional solutions resulting from rigorous, highly specialized study and extensive research at the brand’s laboratories, based on the principle of project methodology,